Oct 07, 2015

Importing Goods Just Got Greener

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In 2013, Danish shipping company, Maersk, will launch not only the largest container ship ever, but also the most energy efficient and eco friendly one at that. At $190 million per vessel, the Triple-E has lowered energy consumption and carbon emissions to half the current industry average.


And if that's not enough this mega-vessel also utilizes nearly 90% reusable/recyclable materials. So when this mammoth comes to the end of its days, its parts will be reused on future vessels instead of becoming a huge contributor to the landfills. 10 ships are currently on order to transport products between Europe and Asia. To read more: Maersk Orders 'World's Greenest Container Ship'


Let’s hope that the U.S. will soon get on board the Triple-E boat. With $120 billion and growing in imported goods from China alone, securing more eco friendly transportation is the only way that we can come close to a sustainable option.

Eileen Green

Eileen Green

Eileen is a green professional with Eco Evaluator who conducts research and publishes reliable information as part of the editorial team. She is focused on how to live a healthy and more eco friendly life. Please feel free to join her on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Comment Link Zoom zoom zoom Thursday, 24 February 2011 18:12 posted by Zoom zoom zoom

    I am glad to see that a massive company like Maersk finally realized the need for more efficient cargo vessels. From the sound of it they will spend billions to upgrade to new more efficient shipping vessels. I am sure the bean counters took a real hard look at the numbers and figure the investment in new equipment will create profits. Lets face it most of them run on diesel fuel and it isn’t likely that it will get cheaper over the next 30 years. This is great way to hedge future transportation costs.

    I don’t care that businesses want to make a profit. I am just very happy to see that a company of this scale realized being ecofriendly and energy efficient can actually make them money. That realization is the only way business as usual is ever going to change. I am actually hoping the price of oil continues to rise at alarming rates! That is one of the machines that is driving the eco friendly engine. Zoom zoom zoom …

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