Oct 09, 2015

An Innovation in Solar Energy

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The sun is setting on a solar installerDue to the continuing rise in electricity costs, energy reduction and consumption have become a top concern for homeowners today. In fact, a recent study conducted by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) showed that 49% of homeowners and businesses were considering installing solar panels now as a way of taking control of their energy costs. While most basic solar electric (PV) systems are good, homeowners and businesses can now consider more complete solar solutions. A new innovation in solar technology permits a solar system to generate not only electricity, but also heating, cooling and fresh air ventilation.

According to EchoFirst, the creator of Echo, their system more than triples the efficiency of a basic solar electric (PV) system. A basic solar system only captures about 15% of the sun’s energy to generate electricity during the day. The Echo system in contrast captures up to 50% of the sun’s energy by harnessing the solar electric PV panels to generate electricity and thermal energy.

 An infographic from Echo Solar comparing basic soalr and their solar innovation

When sunlight shines on the solar PV panels only about 15% of the sun’s energy is captured as electricity. The remainder of the energy is absorbed as heat by the solar PV panels. In an Echo solar system, outside air is drawn under the solar panels. Heat is transferred from the panels to the air. The hot air is directed below the roof through the exhaust/intake vents. The air is then directed into an Energy Transfer Module (ETM), which typically installed in the attic. The Energy Transfer Module contains an air filter, a heat exchanger, and a high efficiency fan. The hot air is filtered and then drawn across the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger extracts heat from the air and transfers it to the water.

During the heating season, Echo provides fresh pre-heated air to your home. The Echo solar system can provide 6 - 8 whole home air changes per day, so you can breathe easier. At night, Echo transforms your solo array into an air conditioner through a phenomenon called Radiative Night Sky cooling. Hot, stale indoor air is replaced with fresh, pre-cooled outside air. The system offers electricity, water heating, home heating, home cooling, and fresh air ventilation. Check out

this video that explains more about how this solar energy technology works.

Some notable features about the Echo system include:

  • Healthier home environments as fresh filtered outside air replaces stale indoor air helping to meet the standard set by ASHRAE 62.2 for proper ventilation
  • Significant savings generated on energy bill
  • An advanced monitoring system offering a unique iPhone ‘remote control’ allowing customers to control their thermostat from anywhere

Echo Solar system dashboard

Many people feel that solar energy is the way of the future. To learn more about how an Echo system gets you to the future faster, for more information visit www.echofirst.com


Joel Muratalla

Joel Muratalla

Joel is part of the Echo Outreach Team and works with EchoFirst Inc. to share the benefits of the Echo solar system. To learn more about Echo at www.EchoFirst.com and www.youtube.com/EchoFirstEnergy

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