Oct 04, 2015

Green Manufacturing Benefits

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Man juggling the environment and industryThe question we are faced with today is, “Why become greener?” What benefit does this have? The value of being green not only holds benefits for consumers and the products they buy or use, but also holds benefits for manufacturers and countries around the world. The following infographic on green manufacturing depicts some benefits of going green and noteworthy eco-friendly improvements.

In 2007 and 2008, due to the demand for green eco-friendly products, consumers were willing to pay even more for these products. The demand for such products has continued to grow over time, and companies have tailored their products toward what the people want. Some companies have performed so well that it is clear to see how these green practices are vital to change. The added benefit of companies aiming to be more sustainable is its effect on the environment.

A year to year comparison between 2009 and 2010 shows carbon emission outputs and percentage changes, demonstrating which countries were improving or worsening over time. Lowering your carbon emission output is better for the environment and climate change as well as beneficial for people’s health since reducing carbon emission levels also reduced polluted air.

Realizing the consequence of not being green, manufacturers have been changing over time. The best performing companies in 2011 show some of the most impressive improvements of that year, from fuel efficient products to power plants using the sun to generate electricity and save energy. In 2012, some companies have stood out of the crowd with extraordinary eco changes, as you can see in this infographic. We shall see what green changes are still to come in the following years.

Infographic of the benefits of green manufacturing

Infographic courtesy of Distinctive Doors

Image courtesy of Suwit Ritjaroon and FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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