Oct 06, 2015

Green Tips

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Checking off a list of eco friendly optionsEvery little effort to live green adds up and there are so many different things that you can do. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Here are a few simple steps that you can take toward a greener life. This short list is a place to start if you’re in the early stages of going green or it may just be a checklist to refresh your memory. Either way, every effort adds up to a more eco friendly future.


Go Organic


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Organic seal can be found on food products that have been certified organic. These products have passed a strict set of standards implemented by the USDA eliminating synthetic fertilizers and pesticides as well as ensuring that your foods are hormone free.


Protect Your Air Quality


VOCs and CFCs are among the most prolific pollutants wreaking havoc on indoor air quality. Improve the air you breathe in your home by reducing the chemical sources that could be contaminating it. Ensure proper ventilation as well to reduce hazardous situations such as carbon monoxide poisoning, mold growth and other serious indoor air quality dangers.


Look for Natural Cleaners


Choosing natural detergents and toiletries, instead of chemical-based ones is a great step to reduce health risks. Chemicals like Triclosan, Triclocarban, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), which can be found in shampoos, detergents, sanitizers, and even toothpastes, can cause harm to the body and the environment. Natural cleaners, store bought or homemade, can reduce the harmful synthetic cleaners that may contaminate your body, your air and your water.


Promote Green Fashion


Clothing manufacturers are now supporting green textiles, fabrics and processes. There are a variety of different sustainable materials to choose from these days such as organic cotton, recycled polyester or hemp. Promoting these green fabrics reduces the heavy use of toxic pesticides and chemical based fertilizers which are polluting ground water.




From soda cans to water bottles from empty ink cartridges to used motor oil, there are now a many programs in place to make recycling an easy and green way of life. Various curbside programs and different recycling drop-off centers are located within your community to reduce waste and minimize hazardous materials in our landfills. They also reduce the contamination of our land and water by reducing the impact of manufacturing new materials when recycled materials may be utilized.


Support ENERGY STAR Appliances


ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) that aims to promote the manufacturing of energy efficient appliances. Buying appliances with the ENERGY STAR label will ensure that your selection not only saves energy but also saves money over the life of the product.


Reduce Carbon Emissions


Realizing that our means of daily transportation greatly contributes to the carbon emissions which in effect contribute to greenhouse gases which in effect contribute to climate change, make a change in this regular activity could really move the needle. Opting for alternative means of transportation like walking, riding a bike, taking the bus or carpooling is one option. If a single passenger car situation is needed, then consider how and when you are driving as it relates to fuel economy.

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  • Comment Link carola m. vargas-leon, MD Monday, 24 January 2011 12:53 posted by carola m. vargas-leon, MD

    I'm an adviser for a multilevel troop of girls and boys. Next year we are competing in a camporee and the theme is the friendly environment, go green, recycle, and how to conserve water.
    I'm looking for articles for the youngsters to start learning and focusing in this areas.

  • Comment Link Blanch Jones Tuesday, 08 March 2011 09:53 posted by Blanch Jones

    Nice tips! They're pretty basic, but a good reminder. I hadn't thought about green fashion. So that'll be a new green behavior for me. Thanks.

  • Comment Link kadZaI Tuesday, 21 February 2012 18:49 posted by kadZaI

    Cool TIPS! ALWAYS learning something new from you for better health.

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